Boutique Cachemire Coton et Soie helps you organize your wardrobe to spend the fall with elegance. This month we are putting the spotlight on the organization of your dressing room. Sophie Helsmoortel, founder and curator of Maison Cachemire Coton Soie, wanted to give you some advice for a cutting-edge dressing room. To facilitate your daily life as an audacious woman, good organization is essential. “A place for everything and everything in its place. » Imagine your Cachemire Coton Soie boutique located at the corner of rue Franz Merjay and avenue du Haut-Pont in Brussels, in your dressing room. It is not a dream, it is possible with a rigorous organization....
Cachemire Coton Soie fête plus de 30 ans d’élégance au service de la mode éthique et durable

Cachemire Coton Soie celebrates more than 30 years of elegance in the service of ethical and sustainable fashion

Sophie Helsmoortel has always preferred questions to answers. It is with this perspective of adaptability without concession to quality, durability and ethics, that the founder of Cachemire Coton Soie has taken us on a commitment for more than thirty years. That of a sincere commitment to the beautiful, the qualitative, the Belgian. “ Fashion is also sociological and cultural, and I think it is important to promote luxury in Brussels, local know-how, and a certain art of living. » Local brands, exclusive pieces from Belgian designers In the heart of the Brugmann district, nestled at the corner of rue Franz Merjay, Cachemire Coton Soie , a high-end niche brand store,...
CCS : L’expérience unique d’une boutique de vêtements pour  femme exclusive à Bruxelles

CCS: The unique experience of an exclusive women's clothing store in Brussels

In her gift shop located in the heart of the Brugmann district in Brussels, rue Franz Merjay, Sophie Helsmoortel welcomes her customers with special attention. It is a unique and human experience, exclusive and benevolent, a bubble of well-being and plenitude offered around European designers of clothing and ethical and sustainable elegance. Cashmere Cotton Silk: a unique and human destination, personalized advice at the heart of the store Since everything (and often anything) is available at the end of a click, the "human" shops become by reaction - and legitimacy - destinations of experiences, and Cachemire Coton Soie particularly proposes to extract oneself from the standardization of the offer. We...
boutique cachemire coton soie bruxelles

CASHMERE COTTON SOIE: the chic intimacy of an exclusive ready-to-wear boutique, nestled in the heart of Brussels

Elegant soul and heart of Cashmere Cotton Silk since 1990, Sophie Helsmoortel selects for its concept store located rue Franz Merjay, in Brussels (near Place Brugmann), exclusive pieces from rare and cutting-edge fashion houses. His elective affinities? Refinement in the unexpected revisited with originality, for a transversal urban femininity.
Cachemire Coton Soie, pour Conseil, Curation et Service

Cashmere Cotton Silk, for Advice, Curation and Service

The high-end and accessible multi-brand store, which reveals its selection of rare and cutting-edge collections in the heart of the Quartier Brugmann, also offers a styling service. Faced with the influx of information on fashion and the multiple trends that enrich or collide, the Cachemire Coton Soie team offers support for the design of your ideal wardrobe. A unique opportunity to be guided by elegance professionals to optimize your look and imagine, together, new combinations of pieces with a wise eye, always in touch with the subtle expressions of fashion. Create a moment of reconnection to your desires, consistent with your reflection in the mirror and anchored in the reality...
Luxe & Chic in 2020, by Sophie Helsmoortel

Luxury & Chic in 2020, by Sophie Helsmoortel

Sophie Helsmoortel delivers for the special edition of Paris Match her definition of Luxury and Chic in 2020. Excerpts. President of BEL, Sophie Helsmoortel has become a true reference in terms of elegance. Her Maison, Cachemire Coton Soie, offers its customers what fashion does best every season. "Luxury is the thing that you give yourself or allow yourself, outside the normality, and which can represent an "extraordinary" extra [...] It is very personal and it has nothing to do with good or bad taste. Chic is also very personal but is not necessarily synonymous with style or elegance. It's a bit bourgeois, outdated. [...] There is a certain awareness in...