End of year love - Cashmere Cotton Silk in Love Majeur collection

One woman, one desire, to seduce

One evening in Brussels, far from the hubbub of the nightclubs, a woman waits patiently at home. She thinks, no one can tell what, but it's easy to imagine who. She seems in love, light as silk. She questions herself, even if she has everything to please and seduce, almost everything. Between the confidence of Charlotte Rampling, and the candor of Astrid Bergès-Frisbey.

Go out but why? Go out but with whom? Improvised duet in the wee hours or meeting organized to the millimeter, your wardrobe must follow your rhythm and your desires. You become a twilight warrior.

Cashmere Cotton Silk - A Love Shop

Ask questions when you want to please. Seduce when you want to be strong. Shield silhouette to not let reach its vulnerable side.

Whether you are a woman or even a boutique. CCS - the three letters announcing Cachemire Coton Soie, this code that is transmitted and communicated between insiders, is constantly being renewed so as not to cease to seduce its customers.

Behind the three letters, strong demanding and creative decisions. Clear and innovative biases. Ahead of time. The look and vision of Sophie Helsmoortel - President of BEL le Brussels Exclusive Labels. Cachemire Coton Soie is armed with its finest assets, to continue to make its customers fall in love. Lonely lovers, surrounded lovers, fulfilled lovers, intrepid lovers...

Elegance is transmitted through an invisible attitude but also through beautiful pieces with noble materials and soft tones. Exclusive and durable pieces, timeless. Your wardrobe becomes a collector's item, with strong and frank notes.

Like on an air of “Marco e Anna” by Lucio Dalla

Like to the tune of "Marco e Anna" by Lucio Dalla, arm yourself with patience to dream and project yourself into a strong and radiant future. For two. Be beautiful and elegant to please those you love. write the story that will unfold before us.

Elegance is what defines a woman in love, it is the moment when she is the most beautiful. But who is she in love with? Of somebody ? From his city? Of his life ? For a while?

Alone in front of this mirror that sees us trying out what will be our strength: a silhouette, a dress, a skirt, a set cut in diamonds to make us beautiful. This little accessory, this little something from Anne Grand Clement that will sublimate the look chosen to face this moment.

Alone, facing the mirror, we see ourselves face to face with others. We say why not this little set. Cashmere Cotton Silk emancipates you by taking you where you are the most beautiful. This little bit of audacity that will make you take the plunge...

The nonchalance of feelings and the beautiful materials that let you guess what your heart needs

We are among ourselves. Let's be clear and frank. A garment is much more than a garment. It is a claim of beauty and of who we really are. Or who we would like to be...

There is so much love at Cachemire Coton Soie. Our shop is also in love with beautiful materials and pretty silhouettes. It is with love that Sophie Helsmoortel, the curator and director of Maison CCS, undertakes her journey of selecting beautiful pieces: shoes, accessories, coats, dresses, jackets, shirts, ...

Meet women. At the bend of Place Brugmann, at the corner of Rue Franz Merjay, our sales representatives will help you discover exclusive and luxury pieces whose mission will be to reveal the woman in love who lies dormant in you.

The influences are obvious. Strong and powerful women: Hepburn, Chanel, Sagan, Streep, Ebadi, … The strength of conviction, style and attitude will be highlighted in a selection of CCS with pieces by Angelo Gallamini, Céleste Mogador, Liska, Jean Paul Knott, Sofie D'Hoore, Parosh, …

More than clothes, a claimed choice, a strong statement in elegance

Trusting Cachemire Coton Soie also means trusting the House's vision. Discover designer pieces. Different and assumed choices.

Even if the boldness is there, each piece must correspond to the person who wears it, a silk garment with a fluid cut may suit one client better than another. That's why our team of saleswomen is always available to provide valuable advice during any customer's try-on and purchase experience with a single objective: to enhance their femininity.

fall in love with yourself

Finally, this woman in love, this heroine sitting in her apartment, it could be you. First of all, love yourself and love what builds you and clothes you. Loving what makes up your wardrobe and represents you, in terms of material, color, softness and pride.

We all need to (again) fall in love. In love with a person, life, a moment or an instant. The spark may be at the gates of 53 rue Franz Merjay, in Ixelles, a few steps from Place Brugmann.

See you soon …

Cashmere Coton Soie, rue Franz Merjay 53 open Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can also contact our team always available at 02/ 647 09 88.

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