Autumn in exquisite Stella Jean colours: crimson pink, jade green, passion red. Cashmere Cotton Silk - luxury, exclusivity and shine

Like a reflection of “Mountain” by Wassily Kandinsly, the colors of the Cashmere Coton Soie silhouette are at the heart of the composition. Sophie Helsmoortel has chosen the opposite of the Brussels autumn. It will be lively and sweet at the same time. Audacious meeting in the heart of Ixelles, at 53 rue Franz Merjay...

Warmth and beauty are found in the colors of the exclusive CCS Fall Winter 2019 selection

“The beautiful thing about autumn is when the morning comes up after a week of rain, wind and fog and the whole space suddenly seems to be soaking up the sun”

Sophie Helsmoortel, the unexpected vision

A vision is a bias. It's discovering an unexpected and surprising territory that will make the difference and the reference. Sophie knows how to take us where we want to go and get lost. Wander through the streets of autumn, and yet escape the monotony to nestle in a reassuring and energizing setting. The energy of materials and colors: those that carry us and elevate us.

This fall, Cachemire Coton Soie, member of Brussels Exclusive Labels, and its curator Sophie Helsmoortel have put forward a unique selection of beautiful materials and vibrant colors.

When your heart echoes beautiful materials: cashmere, wool and leather - dress in the thousand Caribbean colors of autumn

CCS in the unique selection of its curator Sophie Helsmoortel, president of BEL, the Brussels Exclusive Labels offers the strapless Stella Jean dress with ornaments. The twist becomes playful and eccentrically elegant. Stella Jean has kept the Dolce Vita and insolence from Rome. The contemporary of our active lives lends itself perfectly to this facetious beauty.

From Haiti, she brought us the Caribbean thrill and the nonchalance of the Palais Sans Soucis and the baroque Henri Ier.

Stella Jean prints are sustainable and ethical. The influences are clearly cultural and accepted… and we love it! Sophie Helsmoortel felt right, marrying the Baroque Caribbean print with the timeless White Kelly blouse. The imprint of Maison Cachemire Coton Soie, Sophie is the creator and stylist.

From the stunning Stella Jean to the rigorous cashmere coat Alberto Biani

Sophie Helsmoortel, her know-how and her team have dared to shake up the pre-established stereotypes of this season by offering an exclusive selection with softness, playfulness and reassuring rigor as key words. The Alberto Biani cashmere and wool coat frames the silhouette. Protective and enveloping, it defines the assumed codes of the CCS house.

Straightness. Candy. Autumn is also transformed like a painting by Francis Picabia. This Bauhaus voluptuousness is highlighted from color to materials, through the exclusive and timeless Stella Jean pieces, dresses, skirts, light and airy cuts, against the current of the season; noble materials and anything but futile. The peach pink, incarnate trend, gives a supple texture to the Alberto Biani cashmere or wool coat, unique and exclusive pieces of Italian craftsmanship.

We want to dive into it to smell the notes of Bois d'Orient, and lay down an iconic Absolu Iris trail and sensual musks. Marriage of colors, materials, smells. Autumn is immediately different. Cashmere Coton Soie, member of BEL - The Brussels Exclusive Labels takes you into this dimension. Another dimension.

The best things in life are not things.

The best things in life are not things. Cachemire Coton Soie, Maison of luxury and quality, has been inviting women to dress for over twenty years.

Sophie Helsmoortel has an obsession. Forcing us to understand the beautiful and the essential. Get out of the noise and join the absolute need. Sobriety and extravagance are often synonymous with success; this is why our team of sales associates and expert advisers will advise you regularly, with passion and patience, and will invite you to follow Sophie's precepts.

The goal is not to have but to be. Strong, feminine, solid and soft at the same time. Combine the colorful Stella Jean skirt with the iconic and timeless Black Kelly blouse. Go through a door. Let yourself be transported and discovered - CCS at the bend of Place Brugmann, in the heart of Ixelles, to confront the choices and silhouettes chosen with the demanding and sharp eye of the curator Sophie Helsmoortel.

Hot tea from Chez Franz, and a dry heart at 53 Rue Franz Merjay, autumn is going well in the streets of Ixelles

Cachemire Coton Soie is located between Avenue and Place Brugmann, at 53 rue Franz Merjay, open from Monday to Saturday, it is the unmissable event in Ixelles. The essential midday or late afternoon getaway to get away from the routine and get drunk on a beautiful… essential break!

Sophie Helsmoortel, President of BEL - the Brussels Exclusive Labels and her team with an expert and helpful eye are there to welcome you from Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. rue Franz Merjay 53. A question, an appointment, a remark ? Dial 02/ 647 09 88.

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