Cachemire Coton Soie celebrates more than 30 years of elegance in the service of ethical and sustainable fashion

Sophie Helsmoortel has always preferred questions to answers. It is with this perspective of adaptability without concession to quality, durability and ethics, that the founder of Cachemire Coton Soie has taken us on a commitment for more than thirty years.

That of a sincere commitment to the beautiful, the qualitative, the Belgian. “ Fashion is also sociological and cultural, and I think it is important to promote luxury in Brussels, local know-how, and a certain art of living. »

Local brands, exclusive pieces from Belgian designers

In the heart of the Brugmann district, nestled at the corner of rue Franz Merjay, Cachemire Coton Soie , a high-end niche brand store, explores new fashion territories of voluntary simplicity. With some sixty rare and demanding Maisons and a selection, often unique in Brussels, the curation is consistent for collections that go together from season to season.

Driven by the awareness of the reflections raised by the evolution of society, Sophie Helsmoortel devotes herself at the same time to promoting Brussels know-how and excellence. A member for more than 20 years of the Brussels Exclusive Label (BEL) association, after having been president there, and having sat on the board of directors, she is actively involved in the preservation of individual creativity, in the transmission and employment. “ In Brussels, we cultivate the individual soul of our craftsmanship, the exclusivity of their service . »

Since today, we no longer talk about fashion, but about style, composition, and allure, the boutique selects Houses and designers who defend a strong and authentic individuality, to allow all personalities to Express.

My philosophy is inspired by the need to focus on the quality of the pieces, the rationalization of one's wardrobe, a minimalism to be carefully cultivated. The elegance of essential and sophisticated, timeless and durable basics ”.

CCS or the destination for personalized advice, a unique experience

Attentive and shrewd, Sophie Helsmoortel and her team carefully advise: " We always aim for the exception, the sharp and the quality, to give people the desire to rediscover a human bond, advice, service, and the wealth of products ”.

The longevity of Cashmere Cotton Silk also coincides with a new era of universal transition.

The durability and elegance defended by this institution from the top of the city, are in the image of the questions of our time: full of potential, respect, and carriers of the future.

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