CASHMERE COTTON SOIE: the chic intimacy of an exclusive ready-to-wear boutique, nestled in the heart of Brussels

Soul and elegant heart of Cachemire Coton Soie since 1990, Sophie Helsmoortel selects for her concept store located rue Franz Merjay, in Brussels (near Place Brugmann), exclusive pieces from rare and cutting-edge houses.

His elective affinities? Refinement in the unexpected revisited with originality, for a transversal urban femininity.

An uncompromising women's ready-to-wear boutique in Brussels

In this intimate and bright setting that animates the Brugmann district, the brands are carefully chosen for their modernity, easy to adapt for all occasions of our lives rich in emotions.

This exclusive selection of dresses, pants, blouses, skirts, coats for women use noble and durable materials with their irreproachable cuts, to create a timeless look that is subtly in line with trends; practical, chic, relaxed.

From clothing to accessories: trendy, European and sustainable brands

Desire is fueled by a proposal of accessories that can be transposed to all the temptations of looks, the pleasure renewed each season by the possibility of mixing many harmonious and coherent favourites. Bags, scarves, brooches, sunglasses, all these pieces are selected by the connoisseur and creative eye of Sophie Helsmoortel, with particular attention paid to local and European manufacturing.

 The pleasure of the in-store experience

The in-store experience is no exception. The clock stops for a fitting. The emotional journey is unique and precious. Sophie Helsmoortel's vision works. Its entire team of experienced saleswomen allow this moment to be unforgettable, a break in the passing of time.

Customers who cross the door of the CCS universe are listened to, advised, accompanied in this suspended moment, out of the passing time. This key boutique with renewed surprises of elegance invites you to explore the ranges of styles and fun to dress up. An experience-pleasure to offer oneself. To visit.




+ 32 (0)2 647 09 88

Open Monday to Saturday 11am — 6.30pm