CCS 30 years of elegance by Sophie Helsmoortel

30 years is the flower of youth and at the same time, it's already a great journey.

I created Cachemire Coton Soie to cultivate a certain idea of ​​durability and elegance. Every day, every season, I believe that the era that evolves is both full of potential, and full of beautiful things to discover.

Today, we no longer talk about fashion, but about style, composition, allure. By selecting Houses and designers who defend a strong and authentic individuality, I try to allow all personalities to express themselves.

I like to highlight the beautiful, the qualitative, the Belgian.

Fashion is people, it's culture, it's a permanent evolution.

While remaining accessible, I think it is important to promote luxury in Brussels, local know-how, this art of living that everyone envies us...

My selection and my philosophy are inspired by my interest in the originality and quality of the pieces. You have to think about matching your wardrobe from one year to the next, finding the style that highlights you. So I offer essential and sophisticated, timeless and durable basics.

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary thanks to all of you, and we will continue to offer you exceptional, human ties and tailor-made advice for a long time to come.

Our elegance in Belgium, it can be the quality of life, and the possibility of still being able to take the time.

Find the video of the 30 years of CCS: