CCS: The unique experience of an exclusive women's clothing store in Brussels

In her gift shop located in the heart of the Brugmann district in Brussels, rue Franz Merjay, Sophie Helsmoortel welcomes her customers with special attention.

It is a unique and human experience, exclusive and benevolent, a bubble of well-being and plenitude offered around European designers of clothing and ethical and sustainable elegance.

Cashmere Cotton Silk: a unique and human destination, personalized advice at the heart of the store

Since everything (and often anything) is available at the end of a click, the "human" shops become by reaction - and legitimacy - destinations of experiences, and Cachemire Coton Soie particularly proposes to extract oneself from the standardization of the offer. We escape from the noise and din.

We provide you with real consulting expertise, a sharp and fair look and a curation in the collections, so that no one feels lost in an avalanche of proposals, which are not always relevant or adapted.

Sophie Helsmoortel's curation: an exclusive selection with just perfect vision

Located at 53 rue Franz Merjay, Cachemire Coton Soie is undoubtedly the only brand in Brussels to choose for its racks only the absolute luxury of quality houses, favoring the very nature of the garment over its brand, and without playing on the name. big luxury players, French and Italian for example.

We offer you an exclusive and rare selection of dresses, blouses, trousers, handbags, made from around sixty suppliers, mainly European. Guided by her sense of elegance, Sophie Helsmoortel meets these creators of style and chooses the most beautiful women's ready-to-wear items for you.

With a career spanning more than 30 years in the development of coherent, timeless, timeless collections that can be assembled endlessly from one season to the next, Sophie Helsmoortel pays attention to her selections on the look and the quality, the styles outside of the ephemeral dimensions of trends, and on the durability of the garment.

Exceptional pieces that can be presented to you, according to personalized advice and support for each client.

A selection of stylish women's clothing in line with the needs of customers

In Belgium as in Italy, multi-brands cultivate a concern for curation and proximity, to compose silhouettes that are not easily found elsewhere. Sophie Helsmoortel cherishes the difference in continuity, and each season, she organizes a shooting of her collections with the Belgian photographer Nathalie Gabay, to underline the constancy in the evolution, where nothing is alike, and everything comes together. Accuracy in harmony, in selection and intentions.

The collections presented at Cachemire Coton Soie can be adapted according to your old and new finds, which you can rediscover and reinvent with new exclusive pieces.

Personalized image advice offered in store

On the occasion of shape and color advice sessions, warm “personal shopping”, the shop strives to reconnect with people, to help everyone find their bearings, their self-confidence. We build a wardrobe that is also an investment in quality, ethical pieces, made from noble materials, which compose new silhouettes in line with our new favorites, over visits to the store.

The sustainable vision of clothing

This notion of "anti-waste" alone constitutes another dimension of luxury.

Sophie favors high standards among the craftsmen with whom she collaborates, she values ​​know-how and precision, the gesture in creation, the transversality of pieces that adapt to all situations.

If the times push to rush on a novelty every five minutes, Cachemire Coton Soie invites to slow down the pace, to recreate meaning. And to personalize a beloved piece, Sophie offers to apply a personalized embroidery work, to make it a very unique piece this summer. The added value of craftsmanship, to carry with you the backstage emotion of excellence.

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