The renewed beauty of spring unfolds at Cachemire Coton Soie

In the gray of Brussels and rue Franz Merjay, the rain beats on the windows, the cars leave a translucent trail behind them, the still cold wind comes to pinch the ears of the reckless who ventures outside. The days are getting sunny, we are waiting for the temperature to rise and our eyes are longing for colors and softness. The softness of spring which is reflected in the materials: cotton, linen, silk...

Spring and its colors are coming, also at Cachemire Coton Soie

As you approach Place Brugmann, the clouds disperse and a ray of sunshine brings with it a rediscovered softness, synonymous with spring. This spring is reflected in the façade of Cachemire Coton Soie. The reflections become red, blue, white, according to the silhouettes created by Sophie Helsmoortel, the curator, who selected the trends for this innovative spring...

Suddenly, the silhouettes come to life. The atmosphere changes, what was frozen begins to activate, the noise of the engines and the driving rain gives way to the murmurs of the trees, the song of the sparrows, the buzzing of the insects impatient to find their flowers which had fallen asleep. for winter. In the heart of Ixelles, the city can also offer its rural and colorful side, like a sunny patchwork that we will wear on the skin.

When the urban becomes floral and organic

The flowers are adorned with a thousand spring colors, they choose yellow, turquoise, red outfits, and dare pink. Spring at CCS will be urban floral, and street organic. Beautiful materials rub shoulders with tags and street art. The urban Pop tone blends in an organized way with unexpected collections.

At the turn of the silhouettes of Sofie D'Hoore, the collections and accessories are sometimes jungle and wild, sometimes rural and urban rustic. Sophie has chosen, spring choices will be bold and trendy.

These chosen colors radiate and diffuse a warmth that influences the world around her. Smiles are drawn on the faces, eyes cross the windows, curiosity the mirrors. We are trying to change our look… new season, new visions.

A colorful and soft spring season where Cashmere Cotton Silk will welcome you

Cachemire Coton Soie is the sharp and demanding eye of Sophie Helsmoortel but it is also the passion of the team, the one who welcomes you, who guides you, who advises you. Which also sometimes allows you to dare silhouettes that you never imagined.

The store in the spring is a setting that is budding and teeming with ideas and discoveries; collection of perfumes, sunglasses, accessories, sarongs, etc.

It's decided, you must go through the doors of this precious and exclusive address. At the corner of Place Brugmann, a window catches the eye, the colors of spring seem to have slipped inside. Spring is here, it invites you to reinvent yourself. The ideal time to dare, to dare to discover.

“Autumn is a mutation, winter a struggle, spring a blossoming.” It's time to open up, flourish and explore colorful territories that will gently lead us towards this long-awaited summer. Until then, the entire Cachemire Coton Soie team is waiting for you at 53 rue Franz Merjay in Ixelles to serve you and offer you an exceptional moment. Prepare your itinerary comfortably to reach us.

We are waiting for you...