The Cashmere Coton Soie Winter 2020 collection to do yourself some good!

The new Winter 2020 collection has arrived at Cachemire Coton Soie!
Winter often goes hand in hand with cold, gloomy weather. But it is above all the arrival of the new Winter 2020 collection at Cachemire Coton Soie!
And in order not to let the ambient grayness rub off on your mood, there is only one solution: take care of yourself, and have fun! A good hot bath, a delicious pastry, and a new outfit!
Because taking care of yourself also means feeling good in your clothes. Comfort, warmth, that's what we need right now.
For this Winter 2020 collection, Sophie Helsmoortel has selected for you pieces that are both synonymous with style and elegance, and which will meet your expectations, and bring happiness into your wardrobe.
And even if, following the containment measures, our shop in Brussels, rue Franz Merjay, is closed, we remain available and at your disposal on +32 (0)460/941 620.
So take the time to do yourself good, and contact us directly for more information on this new and beautiful collection, via SMS or Whatsapp!