Luxury & Chic in 2020, by Sophie Helsmoortel

Sophie Helsmoortel delivers for the special edition of Paris Match her definition of Luxury and Chic in 2020. Excerpts.

President of BEL, Sophie Helsmoortel has become a true reference in terms of elegance. Her Maison, Cachemire Coton Soie, offers its customers what fashion does best every season.

"Luxury is the thing that you give yourself or allow yourself, outside the normality, and which can represent an "extraordinary" extra [...] It is very personal and
it has nothing to do with good or bad taste. Chic is also very personal but is not necessarily synonymous with style or elegance. It's a bit bourgeois, outdated.
There is a certain awareness in relation to the planet with a clientele that is beginning to recognize the true value of things and makes their choice thinking
quality, sustainability, and ethics. She tries to buy fairer, turns her back on what pretends to be luxury brands to turn to people who offer a real
know-how, European, with a real requirement for the well-made product at the right price.
All the Houses that offer luxury products, whether it's a major brand or a House like mine, want to provide a service that accompanies the act of purchase. The place, the explanation of the product, the time that we will devote to you,
the packaging makes you going to enjoy the moment. Its very important !
Of course selling on the Internet is a means, but it does not replace the pleasure and the importance of continuing to go to the Maisons and to be able to enjoy the real luxury of having a service that cannot be replaced by a screen. ."